Basic Information

1.School’s Mission

In line with Lingnan University’s motto – ‘Education for Service’, we provide quality primary foundational education for age 6 to 12, emphasizing a balanced and adequate growth in the six aspects of development: spiritual, moral, intellectual, physical, social, aesthetics. LUAAPS strongly encourage and nurture our students to ‘know God, love life, learn with passion, serve willingly, take responsibility in boldness’. We strive to create a safe, productive and healthy learning environment for students. We also provide students opportunities to participate in social service, allowing students to build a positive faith in religion, love for our country, good taste and temperament, care for one self, responsible civic citizenship, care for society and attitude to serve.

2.School Fees

Tuition Fee:The annual tuition for 2021-2022 is currently at $17,380 and are collected in 10 installments.

Tong Fai:None

PTA Membership Fee:$100

Should you have any query, please call 2776 8453 for details.

3.Application fee: $50(Paid application fee is not refundable)

Please use the online system to pay with credit card or PayPal.

4.How to Apply / Special Reminder:

a. Please go online and fill in ‘Admission Application Form’ and upload student’s documents to the online application system, i.e. copies of recent passport photo, photocopy of birth certificate, photocopy of latest school report, photocopy of certificate of extracurricular activity (if applicable), photocopy of award record (if applicable). After handing in all required materials, the school will get in touch to arrange an interview.
b. The school will communicate with the applicant via email. To ensure our interview invitation email does not go to your spam box, please add "" to your primary email address book.
c. The school only accepts online application.
d. If applicant provides insufficient materials or unclear information, the application will not be entertained.
e. Personal information collected by this form will only be used for the school’s admission application only. Based on Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, the data subject must be given access to his/her personal data and allowed to make corrections if it is inaccurate.




學  費:2021-2022年度全年學費為$17,380,分10期繳交。

堂  費:


如有疑問,可致電 2776 8453 向校務處查詢。

3.報名費用: $50元(已繳之報名費恕不退還。)


4.報名辦法 / 特別注意︰

a. 請於網上填寫「入學申請表」,同時把學生之最近證件相、出生證明文件副本、上年成績表副本、課外活動證書副本 (如有)、及獲獎記錄 (如有),上載到網上報名系統,遞交所有資料後,學校將會稍後安排面試時間。
b. 本校將利用電郵與 閣下溝通。請將 "" 加到你的安全電郵通訊錄地址名單內,以免電郵系統錯誤刪除 「確認電郵」。此外, 郵件可能被分類到雜件箱內,敬請留意。
c. 本校只接受網上報名。
d. 提交的資料不全或欠明確者,申請恕不受理。
e. 此表格所收集的個人資料只用作本校入學申請之用。根據《個人資料(私隱)條例》,閣下有權查閱 及改正個人資料。